Contributory Parent Visa (subsection 143)

Before applying for the Parent visa (subclass 103), it is mandatory to apply and get eligible for the Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143). It is a provincial visa, which costs more than the permanent visa, However, the overall cost is spread across the two over a longer period of time. It is specifically meant for eligible New Zealand citizens, Australian citizens and Permanent Australian Residents who want to bring their parents to Australia permanently.

What are the criteria for applying Provisional Parent visa (subclass 103)?

  • The child of the applicant must be a permanent citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident
  • An assurance of support must be obtained
  • The character and health requirements must be met by the applicant.
  • At least half of the applicant’s children must reside in Australia. Also, more of the children of the applicant should reside in Australia than in any other country to comply with the balance-of-family test.

How can we assist you in getting the Parent (Provisional) visa (subclass 103)?

It is important to procure the contributory Parent visa 143 to proceed to the permanent parent visa. As there are limited numbers of seats each financial year and the applications are processed in the order of lodgment, it is very important to file it in the most accurate way to avoid any rejection.
We have experienced migration agents who have expertise in preparing, organizing, documenting and lodging visa applications. Our sincere efforts are directed to get through the applicants from the stringent visa processes. We diligently understand the importance of joining your loved ones in Australia and living together as a family. Hence, we offer customized solutions to each contributory parent visa 143 form application and ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process with our multilingual team of experts.

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